Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone and text messaging use on Club property is restricted to the parking lots and areas immediately adjacent to the parking lots. However, cell phones may be used as a measuring device on the golf course and indeed are sanctioned by specific tournaments.


All babysitters must be introduced to the professional or director of each activity utilized and are exempt from guest fees when on duty with a member’s child(ren). Babysitters may participate in the Club Show, but may not participate in Club tournaments or on Club teams.


The Club affords limited guest courtesies to its professionals. There are also inter-club reciprocal arrangements with fellow member clubs of the Old Colony Golf League which permit limited access to our course at the discretion of our Pro during non-peak periods when a League member’s course is closed for a tournament. Reciprocal arrangements are made through the member’s Club professional.

Dress Code

Social Events

Proper dress is required on DYC grounds. Members are responsible for the proper dress of themselves, their children and their guests. All social events will specify dress code "category" when posted for registration. "Business Casual" which typically includes slacks or khakis, dress shirt or blouse, open-collar or polo shirt, a dress or skirt, knit shirt or sweater, and shoes that cover most of the foot. "Casual Attire" where jeans are acceptable, however any attire that is frayed or has holes is not appropriate. No shorts (except Bermuda length) are permitted.


Attire on the golf course, practice range and putting greens shall be in good taste. Acceptable attire for men and boys: tucked-in shirts with collars and either trousers or Bermuda-length shorts. Acceptable attire for women and girls: conventional blouses or tee shirts (without slogans) and either Bermuda-length shorts or skirts. Unacceptable attire for all players: clothing with offensive language or designs, blue jeans, short shorts, tennis shorts, oversize “cargo” pants, bathing suits, tank tops or sandals. All hats must be worn the correct way. Members are responsible for their children’s attire as well as that of their guests. If attire does not meet the above criteria, the offender will be asked to comply with appropriate clothing prior to using the golf facilities.


Players are required to wear tennis sneakers and proper tennis attire. White, or 80% white, is mandatory. No t-shirts, cut-offs, short shorts, or bathing suits allowed. Members are responsible for guests’ attire.

Pool-Snack Bar and Waterfront

Shoes and "cover-ups" must be worn by adults and children when leaving the Pool, at the Snack Bar and on the Waterfront docks.

Junior Dances

Guests are expected to follow the dress code for dances, which is a collared shirt and khakis or dress shorts for boys (no hats) and skirts or dresses for girls. No jeans, t-shirts, jean skirts or midriff shirts are allowed.